What is Mexican Apitherapy?

 Dr. Martin Juárez Benitez     

President of the Mexican Apitherapy Society

As president of the Mexican Apitherapy Society, I want to clarify that the term "Mexican Apitherapy" refers solely and exclusively to the method of application that Dr. Fernando López Hernández bequeathed to us as a result of his years of study and research. This methodology is very different and is above that used by other apitherapists who are in our country and who practice other nations. I will explain why.


The precursor of apitherapy in Mexico, Dr. Fernando López Hernández, was my teacher to instruct me in this technique. During the first years, I dedicated myself, not only to work, but to research and evaluation of the diagnoses of traditional medicine. The conclusions reached were surprising, as I realized that traditional medicine had many limits. The causes attributed to the diseases were not defined and attacked correctly, only their effects. This has made many doctors and specialists misdiagnosed even today. That is, they are confused when defining the true reason why a patient has said disease.

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