What is Apitherapy?

Apitherapy. Is the term known to you? You may suspect what he means. It comes from the Latin name of the "bee": Apis mellifera and "therapy", from the Greek word: therapia, which denotes a treatment, referring to the healing or medical. Therefore, in the explicit sense of the word, apitherapy is a medical treatment with bees and their products. I invite you to know through our technique, how it is doing the Apitherapy in Mexico.


The Mexican Apitherapy Society (SMA) has as its mission to train and train professionals with academic excellence in the field of apitherapy - medical personnel and other specialists in the field of health - with full awareness of commitment, professional identity and ethics, which Consists of continuous education through the updating processes within the SMA, with the purpose of efficiently and effectively satisfying both the patient - to be the curative apitherapy - and to those who want to increase and improve their quality of life - being Preventive-; Even for veterinary use, being a treatment directed to the living being, through the different centers of apitherapy in the Mexican Republic and with the best method of application, which is superior to those that exist in other countries.                                                              


The Mexican Apitherapy Society (SMA) has as its vision to make apitherapy accessible to all Mexicans, being leaders in quality and excellence at local, national and international level, sharing with other countries Mexican Apitherapy, but especially with those Countries that require it most through highly competent human resources and with deep ethical and social awareness.

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