Medicine, we can understand and explain it in simple or complex terms, this depends on the technique and the person who handles it, whether a specialist or not.

Apitherapy makes the medicine very simple. Then it is easier to understand the response of the body, because its recovery begins from the first consultation. The medical books establish the diagnoses based only on the effects of the pathologies. In practice or practice, doctors only concentrate on removing the effects and NOT what originates them. That is why, they prescribe a great quantity of different drugs and in many cases a cocktail of these, that in fact, are not attacking the cause, but only palian or control the effects of a disease, are these chronic or do not.

In my opinion and based on my research, not all the causes that are involved in the books are correct. I discovered and shared with SMA, the true origin of many pathologies. That is why, in apitherapy, we apply the so-called "Law of cause and effect." This means that when we have a patient before us, we first listen carefully to the symptomatology. The patient only expresses what he feels or suffers, because he does not know the beginning of his discomforts. Nevertheless, the conscious and trained apiterapist establishes the cause or causes of the multiple ailments that the patient presents.

The reason the patient sees and feels a real recovery from the first consultation is because the apitherapist applies bee stings to the origin of the disease. In this way, both the effects and what produces them disappear. As for the drugs, these are gradually withdrawing as the apiterapist evaluates the patient's recovery. It is not wise to withdraw the drugs immediately because there may be a rebound effect of the diseases, that is, the patient could be aggravated because these drugs are only controlling their pathologies. But the time will come when the patient will completely stop using their drugs and will only depend on apitherapy.
In turn, the time will come when you will be discharged completely and will no longer require more bees. Apitherapy becomes a control treatment, when the patient is inconstant to their appointments, stops going for a long period of time, because only when he feels bad, does not follow the instructions of his apiterapist and does not expect it to give him high.


With this I affirm that apitherapy is REALLY HEALING when taken properly.

It's not all in the books

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