Apitherapy arrives in Mexico

One of the characteristics of bees in the natural state is that they seek a place where there is greater flowering, flow of nectar and pollen. That is how apitherapy came to Mexico, in search of a more productive land. Although beekeepers and field people have practiced it for more than 60 years, there is a point in the Mexican history of the last century that is important to observe, because it is where the society we represent is born. Dr. Fernando López Hernández, born in Xalapa Veracruz, a surgeon doctor graduated from the Universidad Veracruzana, was the precursor of apitherapy in Mexico. Most of his life he worked in ISSSTE and in his private practice, motivated by a spirit of self-denial.

However, he suffered a mishap that completely changed the conception of his profession. His father is sick and dies, leaving him thus, with a feeling of impotence, since as a doctor, he could not cure him. Thus was born his desire to learn alternative medicine, the naturist, with the purpose of providing society with a more complete medical service. However, while learning acupuncture with Dr. Homeopath Yanderal, his mother suffers from leukemia and dies, only 7 years after the loss of his father.

This second disappointment made him stop exercising faith in medicine and decides not to practice it anymore. He said, he did not want to betray people with treatments that did not heal. His friends, fellow students and co-workers urged him not to make such a decision, as a physician, he was an expert in spinal surgery, psychology, homeopathy and acupuncture. But he had already decided.

Some time later, he had to undergo a meniscus operation, which left him as a sequel a stiff leg and much pain. After visiting a beekeeper, he decided to personally apply bees using the acupuncture points he had learned. The result was surprising as he stopped dragging his leg and the pain subsided to the point of fading.

A teacher who suffered from arthritis, on learning what happened, sought and asked him to attend, which he agreed. When the teacher healed, she announced the wonderful thing about apitherapy. Dr. Fernando Lopez was back. A large number of patients who had already attended traditional medicine came back to find out about his return, however, he mentioned that he would only attend them with apitherapy.

He began to welcome all those who decided to apply this treatment. In his own home, I set up a laboratory to quantitatively and qualitatively investigate the bee and its products. He wanted to specialize, so he went to Cuba to learn even more, where he came back with more knowledge and a manual for the creation of bee products. He put it to the test, and although the results were good, he decided to improve it. That is how he created the unique formulas of what are today the products of the brand "Colibrí", official brand of the Mexican Society of Apitherapy.

According to his research and studies, he established the best strategic method to treat the various pathologies presented by the human body, achieving health recovery faster, unlike another application methodology that is carried out in other parts of the country. world. With this legacy we attend to ALL the diseases that today afflict the human being and apply it to patients of ALL ages.

"Teach, teach and teach. That the apitherapy is within the reach of all ". That was his way of thinking, so he began to share his knowledge and experience. He invited those interested to courses that he taught. He made books. He founded the Mexican Apitherapy Society; I participate in international congresses such as the apicultural update; In the National Union of Beekeepers; In the Autonomous University of Chapingo; In the Hospital s. XXI; I participate in symposia, for example, the one of propolis and apitherapy in Havana, Cuba; Received invitations from Russia, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Germany, Canada, Yugoslavia and other European countries where international apitherapy conventions have been held. Unfortunately, on July 25, 2001 he died.

More than a decade after his death, we remember him with deep affection, since through him many of us have recovered our health and faith. Thanks to him, today we have a natural and effective method that really heals. This method of application of the bee stings that Dr. Fernando López Hernández designed and inherited is what we call: Mexican Apitherapy.


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